Project Cargo

  • It is with great pride that we announce the openning of our Container Freight Station(CFS), effective June 2, 2000, within our in-site 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse facility. Our warehouse facillity is located at 910 E. 236th St Carson, CA90745


  • Our CFS will be efficiently and thoroughly utilized to continue our filly equipped service to achieve custom’s satisfaction.
    The Maximum liability of BNX Shipping, Inc., for any loss or damage is limited upto $1.00 per pound or $1,000.00 for shipment whichever is less, unless the excess value is declared in writing and such charge has been paid before the cargo is received by BNX Shipping, Inc.
    All claims must be presented in writing within 90 days from the date of delivery. BNX is not liable for any cargo once they have delivered to their finall in-laand destination